About Nan Monroe

Nan Monroe was born Kelley Swilley in 1969, and is now known as Kelley Swilley Ceccato. “Nan” is my mother’s name; “Monroe” is my father’s name; together they comprise my writing identity.  I have been married to my husband, Matt, since 2008.  We have raised quite a few four-legged children.  Today, we are looking after Ross and Demelza, our “Tuxedo Twin” kittens (adopted July 3, 2018).

I am a lover of books, movies, and music. I have a passion for Story, and anything that tells a good story, from a novel to a song to a painting, will interest me. I call these things “food for the imagination,” and for as long as I can remember, my goal has been to add my own recipe to the mix.

I’ve written six short stories, “Sybilla diSante and the Sepia World,” “Christmas Rose,” “Neighbor Haint,” “Firegale at the Festival,” “Everybody’s Writing a Book,” and “Hello There, You.” My first novel, the YA fantasy-romance Atterwald, I like to call “‘Beauty and the Beast’ meets The Secret Garden, with shapeshifters.” My second novel, Nightmare Lullaby, I fondly refer to as “The Iron Giant meets The Phantom of the Opera.

Additionally, under the name Kelley S. Ceccato, I have written a number of audio dramas for the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. “The Challenges of Brave Ragnar (stand-alone version),” “The House Across the Way,” “Sarabande for a Condemned Man,” “The Wood-Bound Werewolf,” “In Need of a Bard,” “The Goblins and the Golden Rose,” and “The Dead-Watcher” have all been performed at  DragonCon.

Thanks for reading!


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