Short Stories

“Sybilla diSante and the Sepia World.” An introverted artist discovers she’s more than she thought she was, when she’s called upon to help solve the mystery of a ghostly ship’s sudden appearance in the local lake.

“Christmas Rose.” Adapted from my audio drama of the same name. An encounter with a recluse with an elaborately holiday-decorated yard helps disillusioned teen Laura reconnect with Christmas.

“Neighbor Haint.” In the eyes of her community, Hope Caudle has been dead for years, but a neighbor in need of help just might bring her back to life.

Firegale at the Festival.” Young dragon Firegale’s mission to learn everything humankind says about her kind moves her to attend Atlanta’s premiere sci-fi and fantasy convention, shapeshifted into human form. This year, the Con offers her a shot at lasting friendship.

“Everybody’s Writing a Book.” Firegale enjoys her first convention as a published author, but soon finds her hands full as a mischievous spell turns the Dealer’s Dungeon into an ever-changing labyrinth.

“Hello There, You.” Celia Rosewater doesn’t want to be needed, and isn’t quite prepared for what happens to her when she looks into the big brown eyes of a small dog up for adoption.