New Kindle Buy!

Finding Love’s Magic is available on Kindle at! Gilded Dragonfly Books is encouraging all interested readers to purchase their Kindle copy on Friday, 4/24/2015. I know I’ll be purchasing mine! Take a trip to Cupid’s Bow, a small town quite close to Savannah, Georgia’s most romantic city, and see what surprises love has in store.

One of the things I enjoy most about reading and writing for the GDB anthologies is the strong note of optimism that pervades them. The stories are warm and sweet without being cloying, rich in sentiment and sympathy without lapsing into sentimentality and bathos. I point to my contributions for Haunting Tales of Spirit Lake and A Stone Mountain Christmas with a great deal of pride. Finding Love’s Magic promises to be the sweetest of all of them, and I take special pride in “Neighbor Haint.”


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