Winnie Dog at the Georgia Renaissance Festival

Hello, everybody.  This is Matt, Nan’s husband.  While Nan is hard at work on her latest writings, I thought I’d share Nan’s latest YouTube video!

As you may know, we have two pets that we call “four-legged children.”  Most businesses tend to not approve of us bringing our furry animals into their establishments.  But, every now and then, pets are allowed to accompany their humans for a day of fun.  One such event, the Georgia Renaissance Festival, allows humans to bring their dogs and cats (and, this year, pot-bellied pigs) on “Pet-Friendly Weekend.”  Last weekend was such a “pet-friendly” weekend.  So, naturally, we took advantage of the situation by bringing our cavachin Winnie with us.

This isn’t Winnie’s first visit to GARF.  We brought her last year and she had a great time.  We saw lots of performers at the festival, including Barely Balanced and the Tortuga Twins.  Even Hey Nunnie Nunnie, everyone’s favorite singing nuns, gave Winnie a blessing.  But the true highlight of last year’s trip to GARF was seeing Winnie react to my eating of a turkey leg.

Long considered a standard of Ren Fair food, the turkey leg has given me much culinary delight since I started attending GARF in 1997.  But last year, the experience was enjoyed even more by Winnie Dog.  Her tail started to wag, her eyes popped out of their sockets, and she got up on her hind legs begging for something, anything, from that bone with all that meat on it.  (She did get some pieces that fell on the ground.  But we cannot confirm if any of those pieces even reached the ground!)

This year, we decided to see if we could replicate the experience.  Alas, while Winnie didn’t go into raging begging, she did manage to keep her attention on that turkey leg and wonder why more of it wasn’t falling on the ground, or why her Daddy didn’t share even more of the succulent treat that is the GARF turkey leg.

Recorded on April 26, 2015, at the Georgia Renaissance Festival, here’s Winnie “BoogerBean” Ceccato watching with rapt attention…

So, do we need to bring Winnie back next year?  Let us know in the comments!  And thanks for reading!


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