My Carolina Renaissance Festival Photo Album

In the wake of my recent blog in which I share my love for Renaissance festivals, I post some pictures my awesome husband took at the Carolina Renaissance Festival on Saturday, October 17.

CARF Entrance The entranceway. We got there just five minutes before the gate opened.

CARF Statue Self Here I am in my blue gown (courtesy of Holy and cape (sadly can’t recall where I bought that).

CARF Matt and Angel Statue My husband, Matt, poses with a Renaissance stone angel. Don’t blink!

CARF Hey Nunnie Nunnie pic A poster for Hey Nunnie Nunnie, a favorite act of ours.

CARF Me and Zilch Here I am with Zilch the Torysteller, master of Spoonerisms.

CARF Ima and Peanut Ima Nutt, the female half of Fool Hearty, introduces me to the youngest member of her and her husband’s dog family, Prince Peanut the long-haired Chihuahua.

CARF Ima and Marquis Ima and her husband Marquis juggle in their first show. We would return later for the Untrained Dog Show.

CARF Fool Hearty and WingnutAnd this is the Untrained Dog show. The gorgeous creature in the middle is Wingnut, who is so smart that she can get her own treats from the bubblegum-machine style treat dispenser.

CARF Marquis and PolkaDotHere is PolkaDot, the third member of the doggie troupe, dancing with her daddy Marquis.

CARF Lissekeole dancersCARF Musicians Dancers and musicians welcome visitors in a tent just inside the Fair.


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