Free Short Story! Just Read This Entry!

Hi, everyone!  Matt Ceccato (Nan’s Husband) here.  Nan asked my help in letting you know about something exciting for those who have yet to sample her published work!

Today has been a busy day.  About 90% of the content here at my website is created by my wife.  When she needs assistance with the technical side of things, I help out with that. And, in all honesty, I will “sub-contract” some of the web design aspects.  That logo at the top of the page?  That was designed by our good friend Sketch MacQuinor, who only charged us “a hug each” for his gorgeous logo (thanks, Sketch!).  Also, some of the layout aspects came from our buddy Grant Goggans, the webmaster at Marie, Let’s Eat and Fire Breathing Dimetrodon Time.  And if you aren’t reading Grant’s blogs, do yourself a favor and get yourself acquainted.  But wait until you’ve finished this entry first.

So, why has today been busy?  Well, that “Coming Soon” tag on the “Short Stories” page above?  It has content now!  Let me explain…

Earlier this year, Nan posted a “Five Things” entry about Chattanooga, Tennessee.  One of those things, LibertyCon, is a chance for her to connect with readers in person and learn aspects of the publishing industry.  On the Friday of this year’s convention, we were given an audience with Bill Fawcett, an author and publisher who “knows the business.”  On that warm July night in his converted sleeper car hotel room, we learned a lot from Bill, including the value of promotion.  He suggested “a sizzle package:” a short story and excerpts from my two novels.  We took his advice to heart and got together with Nan’s publisher, Gilded Dragonfly Books, to create for you a free (yep, totally free!) copy of “Firegale at the Festival!”  This story originally appeared in Legends of the Dragon, Vol. 1, published in 2015 for Dragon Con. But starting today, you can read this compelling short story of what happens when an actual dragon attends Atlanta’s largest gathering of fans of all thing geek.

So, as promised, here is your free copy of firegaleat-the-festival-promo-pdf

Thanks and spread the word!


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