DragonCon 2016 Photos

It’s August 31, and a Georgia SFF writer’s fancy turns to thoughts of DragonCon. In my preparations I haven’t had time to compose a full post, so as I anticipate a delightful convention in 2017, I thought I might share a few memories from last year.

First, my fashion show:

DragonCon 2016 1

DragonCon 2016 2

DragonCon 2016 3

Last year’s convention ended on a high note, as I had the chance to speak about my work at a panel that Monday. Here I am with my editor, Nancy Knight, who runs the Writer’s Track at DragonCon:

DragonCon 2016 4

And here I’m holding forth about how much fun I had while writing Nightmare Lullaby.

DragonCon 2016 5

Happy Labor Day Weekend, 2017.


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