ARTC and I

I’ve been writing for a very long time, but my first big opportunities to make my work known came through the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. I’ve been performing with and writing for them since 2004, under the name Kelley Swilley and later Kelley S. Ceccato. That summer, ARTC performed the first script I wrote for them, The House Across the Way, at the Tomato Festival in Stone Mountain Park. The script was later revived and performed at DragonCon in 2010.

Since 2004, ARTC has produced and performed seventeen of my scripts. Some of my personal favorites include Nothing-at-All (an embryonic version of my novel Atterwald), Candle Magic (a steampunk retelling of “The Little Match Girl,” soon to be performed at CONjuration in Atlanta this October), The Horseman of the Hollow (a re-imagining of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” performed as part of the “Sleepy Hollow Ride Across America” in October 2011), Sarabande for a Condemned Man (a steampunk retelling of “The Tsaritsa Harpist,” performed at DragonCon in 2011), In Need of a Bard (a fantasy comedy performed at DragonCon in 2013), and Christmas Rose, a short piece that has become a part of ARTC’s holiday canon.

I value the company highly. They have been among my staunchest supporters and liveliest inspirations, and besides, working with them has been tremendous fun. You can hear some of their great work on the ARTC podcast website, including House Across the Way (July 2014), Sarabande for a Condemned Man (January 2012), The Worst Good Woman in the World (March 2010), Christmas Rose (December 2008), and Nothing-at-All parts 1 and 2 (October and November 2008):


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