My Website Begins!

Let me tell you about Me — Nan Monroe.

Nan Monroe was born Kelley Swilley in 1969, and is now Kelley Swilley Ceccato. “Nan” is my mother’s name; “Monroe” is my father’s name; together they comprise my writing identity. As Kelley S. Ceccato I have written a number of audio dramas for the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. “The Challenges of Brave Ragnar (stand-alone version),” “The House Across the Way,” “Sarabande for a Condemned Man,” “The Wood-Bound Werewolf,” and “In Need of a Bard” have all been performed at  DragonCon.

I am a lover of books, movies, and music. I have a passion for Story, and anything that tells a good story, from a novel to a song to a painting, will interest me. I call these things “food for the imagination,” and for as long as I can remember, my goal has been to add my own recipe to the mix.

My short story, “Sybilla diSante and the Sepia World,” is available now on as part of the anthology, Haunting Tales of Spirit Lake. My first novel, Atterwald, is due at the end of September. In the tradition of the sales pitch “X meets Y,” I call this novel, “Beauty and the Beast meets The Secret Garden, with shape-shifters.”

Look for more exciting news in the days ahead. Thanks for reading!



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